Antigua Seminar Series

One of the core components of my program as a Fulbright Fellow in Antigua this year has been to coordinate a Conservation Seminar Series. We have had a seminar per month so far, and will continue into the summer. It has actually exceeded my expectations so far and student attendance has been stellar. March featured Colin Donihue who presented some of his research describing lizard rapid evolution. We have uploaded Dr. Donihue’s talk to YouTube so that anyone can check it out. Watch it HERE! (Phikwe Goodwin [checkout his instagram page] filmed and edited this video!)

Our other seminars were fantastic as well. January featured Kate Levasseur discussing hawksbill conservation genetics, and February brought Sara Ramirez who presented research highlighting synergistic tourism and conservation in St. Kitts. We are now looking forward to Seth Stapleton‘s talk in April, pivoting to a very different topic: polar bear conservation.


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